This page should tell you all you will need to know in order to take full advantage of this Angry Arcades very cool features! If you find we have not covered a topic you feel belongs here please let us know.

Plugins you need installed on your computer

Angry Arcade games work in all of the main web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera), but you will need to download and install some of the following plugins to ensure that you can play.



Download Flash



Account FAQ

Q: How can I get my own account?
A: To get your own account and profile, all you have to do is to register on our site. Registration is completely free and only takes a few seconds! Click here or on the register link in the top right to register.
Q: How can I edit my profile?
A: Editing your profile is simple. Navigate to your profile using the link in your user area, then click the "Edit your profile" button on the right. Update any information then click "Edit profile" to save the changes.
Q: How do I add or remove a favorite game?
A: To add a game to your favorites, you must first navigate to the game page. When you are there, click the "Add favorite" button above the game. Similarly, click the "Remove favorite" button to remove it. Favorite games are listed on your profile and in the sidebar.
Q: How do I upload an avatar?
A: To upload an avatar, navigate to your profile and click the "Edit your profile" button. You may then choose a file from your computer and click the "Upload avatar" button. Avatars must be in gif, png, or jpeg format and under 300x300 pixels.
Q: I forgot my password!
A: There's no need to panic if you forget your password. Simply click the "Forgotten your password?" link on the login page, and enter the e-mail address you used to sign up. Instructions to reset your password will then be sent to you through e-mail.
Q: Can I close my account?
A: Currently there is no way to close or delete an account. If it is important that you delete your account, please let us know, otherwise it will stick around incase you decide to return.
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